Multiracial America: An Emerging Voice

Melanie GrahamMaria Velazquez
Joshua Schmidt
Erika Woodward
People who identify as multiracial make up the fastest-growing demographic in the country--a shift that could have far-reaching social and political impact. These pages examine what it means to identify as more than one race in this country. We conceived the stories as four pieces of a puzzle– each representing a different dimension of this project. When put together, the pieces tell part of the story of multiracial America:
Individuals: Multiracial Individuals on Moving Past Labels
Impact: The Implications of a Growing Demographic
Communities: Multiracial America Through the Prism of Two Towns
Demographics: By the Numbers

Click on each section at left to see stories of the multiracial experience in America.

Photos by Jose Castillo; illustration by Andrew Smith | About the photos

A History of Mixed Race in the United States

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Beyond 'Other'

News21 talks to multiracial Americans about their identity, politics and the struggle to live in a society that often seeks to label people based on the color of their skin. Watch the Videos