Thinking back...

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Back in late January when I started the Carnegie Seminar (a prerequisite for the News21 Fellowship) I was so confused. We had various professors/researchers come in to lecture on various topics to include immigrants and racial barriers. At the time I had no idea how their lectures were supposed to build a foundation for the projects we would be working on during the summer, but as the semester came to a close I slowly began to understand a little bit more.

However, when the fellowship began on June 1st, I became more confused than ever. We were not doing what I thought we were doing (not that I really had an idea of what we were doing). I am not afraid to admit that this program is not exactly what I expected because I still learned a great deal by partaking. 

This is an awesome fellowship because we are working with people from different places with different strengths, weaknesses and experiences. Also, because we are learning to use programs and equipment that some of us have never used before. However, I just wish that I could have finished my project a little quicker so that I could work on an entirely different one as well. Actually, I was working on another project, which you may have read about in my colleague’s blog, which fell through because the data was incorrect.

But overall, this has been a great experience. My fellow colleagues and I have put a great deal of effort, time and investigation into our work and we really hope you enjoy!

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