Young Voters Voice Thoughts on GOP Voter Recruitment

News21 reporters Kelly Brooks and Jeanette Der Bedrosian asked young adults at two Washington events this summer -- the National Conservative Student Conference and the 80 Million Strong for Young American Jobs Coalition summit -- what the GOP needs to do to attract youth votes. Those interviewed were from across the country and the political spectrum.

How can Republicans gain youth votes?

Emily Ryan
"You really have to go to where they are in order to engage them."

Emily Ryan, 24
Portland, Ore.


Matt Donatelli "It's a big language game."

Matt Donatelli, 20
St. Louis

Matthew Carroll "Get out, advertise themselves, promote themselves."

 Matthew Carroll, 19
Orlando, Fla.

Sam Oliker-Friedland "I'll tell you what they don't need to do... is to look hip."

Sam Oliker-
Friedland, 22
Washington, D.C

Lauren Scirocco "We're swimming upstream here."

Lauren Scirocco, 21
Old Tappan, N.J.

William Holmes "Get more in touch with people in urban environments."

William Holmes, 29

Kristina Wilson "We just need to go out there and talk about it."

Kristina Wilson, 19

Ron Meyer "We need to stick back to those principles, the principles of Reagan..."

Ron Meyer, 19
Elsa, Ill.

Joe Shure "Promote fairness... and freedom... in terms of social issues."

Joe Shure, 21
New Brunswick, N.J.


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