Youth Voters Talk About Issues Important to Them

News21 reporters Kelly Brooks and Jeanette Der Bedrosian asked young adults at two Washington events this summer -- the National Conservative Student Conference and the 80 Million Strong for Young American Jobs Coalition summit -- what issues were most important to them. Those interviewed were from across the country and the political spectrum.

Ebony Pardo
"It seems that education's actually a privilege. Instead, it should be a right."

Ebony Pardo, 24
Margate, Fla.


Cheryl Friedman "I don't know that there's anything that isn't related to the economy."

Cheryl Friedman, 21
Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Ernesto Dominguez "Youth need to be more mobilized."

Dominguez, 21
Portland, Ore.

Matthew Carroll "Reformatting of government spending."

Matthew Carroll, 19
Orlando, Fla.

Matt Donatelli "LGBT rights, civil rights for African-Americans, immigrants..."

Sam Oliker-
Friedland, 22
Washington, D.C.

Kristina Wilson "Pro-life issues."

Kristina Wilson, 19

Kristina Wilson "Fighting back socialism."

Matt Donatelli, 20
St. Louis

Ron Meyer "The economy is a huge issue, and especially economic inequality."

Joe Shure, 21
New Brunswick, N.J.

Joe Shure "Creating job opportunities through education."

William Holmes, 29

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